Tonight’s update starts with… Whoa.

Whoa, the Shoebox Christmas team (you), is incredible.
I know I say that all the time, but it’s because it’s true, and it’s because my (kind of) sensible and reasonable expectations keep getting blown out of the water.

Sign ups have been open to the public for under ten days so far, and we’ve had seventeen hundred people registered and matched with a kid already. In less than ten days! Some of those awesome folks have already started thinking about how they’re going to make Christmas special for their kid.

Sev – en – teen hundred.

*crazy face*

And those are just the people who signed up and have actually received the details of the kid they’re gifting to. There’s also a list of people who have registered and are now just waiting to be allocated a kid.

To put that in perspective, last year it took us months of beating the drum and pounding the (digital) pavement to get here. You guys made it happen in less than two weeks this time around, by believing in the difference you can make, then sharing and spreading the word to tell your friends, family, or long lost schoolmates who you only ever see on Facebook. Thank you and well done!

If you’ve signed up and are waiting for your kid to be allocated, don’t worry – I’m on it. There are still schools finishing up their lists, and I’m going out to more schools and community organisations over the next few weeks. If you know of a school or organisation in Wellington that you’d like to nominate, please ask them to get in touch with me.

PS I’ve just allocated a few more kids to shoeboxers tonight, so you might have an email from me now. If not, sit tight and I’ll be in touch as soon as I get the next lot of lists back from the schools.

Talk soon!



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