The Stationery Starter Packs project is back for 2017!


In 2016 we ran the Stationery Starter Packs project and thanks to the help of an awesome team of people donating, we dropped off 50 school bags full of stationery to kids leaving low decile schools to start at college or intermediate. We focused on the kids & families that these schools knew were going to be struggling to afford their stationery, and made sure these kids kick off their first year at ‘big kid school’, with the basics they needed to get ahead. 

A lot of you were in the team at the time but for those that weren’t – the Stationery Starter Packs project came about when I met a little girl at one of the schools we were working with in Shoebox Christmas. She wanted school stationery for Christmas because she knew her parents couldn’t afford it. I wrote about it here.

You guys knew that wasn’t right and together as a team you contributed in a bunch of different ways to help. It started some pretty cool conversations, and some pretty disappointing ones too, as a few misinformed bystanders chipped in with the tried and untrue comments like “great, now the parents will have more money for cigarettes and alcohol”. Never mind them, not everyone needs a response.

On behalf of the cool boys and girls that will be lugging these around for their first year at college or intermediate in Wellington, thank you. This year we're going to do it again - but with some extra-cool, extras-on-top to encourage reading which I'll explain closer to launch. All I'll say now is, by getting involved this year, you'll be making even more of a difference.

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