For kiwi kids and families who will struggle to afford stationery for their first year at college or intermediate.

We’re working with our local primary schools to make sure the children most in need, get a hand from the community for the basics of education.

If you sign up and are allocated a child, I’ll send you their current school, gender and interests, along with which college they’re starting next year. You will then purchase the stationery needed by their college as listed below and get the present to the school yourself or via the amazing Sled Driver Army, just like the Shoebox Christmas drop off process on this page here.

Please keep in mind, depending on the school, these costs can run upwards of $100, so you might want to work together with a group of friends to buy the items and put together the pack in a combined effort.

Stationery lists below:

Please label the pack with the child’s initials, room number, and school.

Feel free to include anything else on top of the stationery listed below that you think a child a new college or intermediate starter would appreciate.

Please send me an email on if any of the stationery list links stop working.

Buy and build a Stationery Starter Pack to donate here:

Bishop Viard College

Wainuiomata Intermediate

Tawa Intermediate

St. Mary’s College

Naenae College

St Bernadette’s Intermediate

Titahi Bay North School

Titahi Bay Intermediate