Happy Sunday team!

I'm starting to get pretty excited about the Shoebox System which me and my friend Joachim have been working on. It's a database for allocating the cool little kids to the cool people in the team (that's you). It's web based, and there's a mobile app to make things even easier.

1) It's going to lessen the risk of any kids being missed.
2) It's going to make things way easier for you!
3) It's going to make things way easier for me!
4) I'm a geek at heart and love this stuff!

Once this is done we’ll be able to start uploading the details, and getting you registered!

Thanks again to everyone that gave their feedback in the last survey, I think we've addressed a bunch of the pain points, but like always we'll keep improving it so please keep sending feedback through the website.

Early start this year!

Talk soon,




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