Kia ora team, I hope everyone is safe, dry and managed to get a better sleep than what I know we all got on Sunday night. It was a pretty scary and sad day with a two casualties and a city full of anxious, nervous people yesterday. I spent it and yester-night sorting out work stuff after my teams weren’t able to access their offices (as in my real job, not this fun Shoebox Christmas thing I do in between). One good thing I’ll say about bad situations (not just EQs) is the difference that good people can make to them and examples they can set for you. I was lucky enough to be working alongside a bunch of guys and girls that smiled through the nervousness and sleep deprivation, did the job they needed to do (and then some), and had fun while they were doing it. Not to mention my awesome wife that spent the day wrangling an equally sleep deprived 2 year old while I was ducking in and out of calls and cars. Another good thing is the always timely reminder that there will always be things outside of your control and that you choose how you react to those things. The teams I was working with chose to react to a really scary situation, while running on adrenalin and coffee, in a way that brought them closer together for the benefit of each other and the customers we’re set up to serve. Very cool. If you guys are reading this, thanks for making a fairly full on week, a fairly fun one too.

There’s been a few questions about closed BNZ drop off points, unfortunately I only know as much as what’s available on the live EQ update page for BNZ here – Mitre 10 Mega is still open for drop offs at the moment too.

I’m extending the deadline to next Saturday 5pm (26/11) since a lot of centres and drop off points are closed.

I don’t have alternative locations at this point, and most likely won’t have time to organise any between now and the weekend.

You might have seen my post asking for people that wanted to sign up for the last 50 kids left to allocate – in your usual awesome fashion the team shared that link right across the inter-webs and those last 50 rows in the spreadsheet were filled in about 30 minutes! I’m aiming to send out the last lot of names on Wednesday night so that more of us can have an action packed weekend of shopping.
I’ll be emailing everyone that signed up to that list either way, so will talk to you soon!




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  • Danette Ngarewa

    Hi Pera,
    I sent u a email in regards to my parcel, hopefully this has been picked up by your helpers. Please let me know if this hasn’t been received. Details are in my email.


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