Welcome to Wellington Shoebox Christmas – this is just a quick note to let you know what happens next.

If it’s your first time getting involved, head over to the gallery and check out the vids and pics of the last few years to get an idea of what we’re about, and what the project looks like in real life, with real kids and real smiles.

What happens next?
  • You read the FAQs (blue button below).
  • I try and allocate at least one kid to you and let you know with an email (read below).
  • You log into the same site you signed up from to check the age and gender of your kid.
  • You put together an awesome Shoebox Christmas present for your kid (please read the FAQs first).
  • I let you know when the drop off points are open.
  • The magic of Christmas happens!

We started this cool little project in 2014 with one Cannons Creek school and eighty kids. This year, there are thirty one schools and early childhood centres signed up already – so we’ve grown really big, really quick. That always brings challenges. No doubt there’s some stuff I’ll get wrong this year, some emails I’ll take too long to respond to, some logistics that won’t work as smoothly as they could. I run the project between whanau, life and work. So, please expect delays from time to time. This is where I ask for your forgiveness in advance 😃

I’m not going to weigh down this post with explaining why Shoebox Christmas is important – I’m assuming since you’ve signed up, you already know. But feel free to ask if you ever want to talk or hear more about it – it’s an important conversation. All I ask is that you check the FAQs first. If the answer is there, you’ll get it much quicker than a reply from me!

Over the weekend I’ll be allocating the last few schools. Three thousand, five hundred kids have already been matched with awesome people like yourself, and for some, the shopping has already started. Given the response over Friday, I just want you to be prepared for the possibility that we might have more people signed up than we have kids to allocate from the schools. This is the best possible problem to have, but I know it will still be disappointing for anyone that wanted to lend a hand and then couldn’t. If that’s the case for you, I’ll make sure I let you know about other great ways you can help, and I’ll prioritise you being involved next year.
If you’ve opted for more than one kid, it’s likely I’ll drop it down to one per person for everyone who signed up since Thursday – just so more people can experience putting a smile on the face of a kid down the road. Hopefully, that’s not too inconvenient. I should have set that limit on Thursday – please refer to the previous in-advance-apology 😃

Get involved!

In the meantime, have an awesome weekend. If you don’t already, follow the Facebook page and get involved in the conversation.

Nga mihi, talk soon,




4 thoughts to “Kia ora & Welcome to our new team members

  • Lorna

    Is there a Chch version of this?

    • Pera

      Hi Lorna, there is – but it’s reasonably small scale at the moment – I’ll check if they’re looking for sign ups 🙂

  • Anita

    Hey I am unsure at this point if I am to get someone to buy for. Can you please contact me with an email to let me know how to check this. Thanks Anita

  • Geoff Faithfull

    Hi There,Myself and my Wife Katherine Signed up midway through the year,so we thought,have we missed out being allocated a kid to buy for,we have not had any communications in regards to when to buy and who to buy for.Please can you clear up for us.


    Geoff and Katherine Faithfull


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