It’s nearly time to start getting these presents out to the little hands waiting for them. This year has been an awesome reminder of how many people do actually want to make a difference – and just need a hand to do so.

I’ve tried to achieve two things with the project, the first objective is obviously the kids – a lot of them are from areas where they are exposed to more negative influences than anyone would choose to be, if given the choice. But those negative influences can be offset by positive experiences, and research shows that every good experience increases the likelihood of that kid making a good decision when it matters most. So we’re adding to that credit bank of positive experiences with a smile on Christmas day, in the hope that those decisions they make as kids create the kind of life they’re happy with as adults.

The second objective is helping others to give, and making it as easy as possible. There’s a whole lot of benefit we experience as ‘givers’ – I wrote a little bit about it here, but if you’ve ever had the warm, fuzzy feeling after giving, then you already know what I’m talking about.

It’s pretty incredible to think behind this pile of presents there’s 2000+ people and organisations across Wellington that believe in giving up their time, energy and money, to help make one day special for a kid they don’t know, and likely wouldn’t recognise if they met them. They will say thanks in their own way soon but until then, thanks from me to everyone that’s helped out so far.





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