The overall process

We allocate a child to you, giving you their details and interests (when possible). You buy a great present for that child, and drop it off at their school.


OK, how does it work?

1. You sign up.

Once sign ups are open, the link will be here, there, and everywhere!

2. You choose your preference for age and gender of a child

Our magical Shoebox Christmas system will allocate a child (or children) to you, trying first to select a child that meets your age and gender preference. If this isn’t possible, the age and gender will be random.

3. We’ll email you to let you know you’ve allocated a child to buy for

We’ll give you their age, gender, and some things they’re interested in. We’ll also tell you their school name, and tell you when the school is open for drop offs.

4. You check the details of the child you’re buying for

You can then log into the Shoebox Centre and see their details (age, gender, interests, school). You can also drop out of the team from the Shoebox Centre, if it’s not something you can help with anymore.

5. You buy a great present and wrap it

It doesn’t have to be a shoebox but it should be in a shoebox-sized box so it doesn’t get damaged. Please wrap it and remember to print the label from the Shoebox Centre and attach it (securely) to the box. This is how we know which presents have been delivered.

6. Drop the present off the present to the child’s school or post it

Check the Shoebox Centre to find the dates and times your school is available for drop-offs. If you can’t make it to your school within those hours, there is a team of volunteer sled drivers who are available for Sunday pickups. They will then drop the present off at the school. Check the page here and then contact them to let them know you need a pickup.

7. The school takes care of the rest and makes sure the child get’s an awesome present!

Thanks for making a difference!