First batch of names is out, 600 kids and three of Wellington’s low decile schools down, 2000 to go 🙂

Do different: figure out earlier that sending a template for schools to send back with the names is a really good idea and will save days of your life! Me, Excel and Mailchimp got there in the end though, I’ll have the next batch of names ready to go soon!


Special mention to my bullet proof coffee for keeping me alive over the last couple of months while I’ve been working on these lists and a couple of other cool things like helping my dad get our little family Kapiti Island Honey business up and running. If you’re wondering how caffeine is meant to stop a projectile, do some Googling. I’m down to two coffees from 4 for my 4.30am – 9.30pm day and have more energy than I did on 4. That’s not the only reason but it’s one of them!

Talk soon!




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