Hey team, our elves have tried to answer the questions here that you might have about the project. If you can't find the answer, please try asking it on the Wellington, Auckland, or Taranaki Facebook pages first, if you don't have any luck, send us an email from the Contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is Shoebox Christmas?

Great question. We deliver Christmas presents to local kids in low decile schools as well as to kids identified by community groups and other schools as being in need of an extra smile. We do it because we think every Kiwi kid deserves a choice Christmas. Our Elves work with the schools to make sure your gift gets to where it will be most appreciated.


What should I put in my Shoebox?

We have some very strict guidelines, they must all be.. awesome things! Things that would make your kid smile with delight. If you received interests for your kid, use those for guidance and check out the gifts ideas page too!

I've dropped it off - now what?

Please click the Delivered button as per the pic below. (If you dropped off at one of the locations in the drop down, choose that, otherwise choose BNZ Kilbernie).

Log in and click Kids Details – then the button that looks like this

Log in and click Kids Details – then the button that looks like this

Can I include second hand gifts?

No hand-me-downs or second-hand-gowns. There's charity bins for that. This is a our chance to give something really special to these kids, so please avoid pre-loved gifts.

Where can I drop off my gift?

BNZ Kilbernie, BNZ Courtenay Place, BNZ Lower Hutt, BNZ Upper Hutt, Mitre 10 Mega Porirua, BNZ Paraparaumu, Hipsta Waikanae, Hipsta Otaki

How much should I spend?

$25 is good, $35 is better. Don't spend too little, if your budget will let ya. This is a hard one since everyone has different budgets - but there's lots of good, cheap deals out there, so shop around, and check out the Facebook page and Gift ideas page for good deals as they pop up.

Does it really have to be in a shoebox?

It does need to be in a box, but not a shoebox. If it's not in a box then the wrapping paper will probably rip, and the present might get damaged. Our elves will be stacking and storing it in our workshop - and things can get pretty crazy in there!

How should I label the box?

Please print out the label we've sent to your email address (you can also download it from the home page. Otherwise our elves can have a really hard time making sure it gets to the right school, and the right kid. And we don't want them to miss out!

My kid has asked for clothes and I don't know their size

Look for something other than clothes that a kid their age might like. It's a lot of work for our teachers to list every kid's size, or to respond to emails asking for the same.

My kid doesn't have any interests noted. What should I buy?

If you're buying for a Women's Refuge child, we weren't able to ask them their interests. Also some of the kids from the schools won't have interests noted for different reasons. But that's OK, if you're stuck for ideas have a look on the gift ideas page, and ask the team on Facebook - we're all here to help!

If all the kids are allocated, can't we just go out to another school?

Good question! And I wish it was that easy. The more schools involved, the more work for us elves. So each year as we've grown the project and expanded the workshop, we've done so with a set number of schools so we know just how much work needs to be done.