No man or woman should spend this much time in a spreadsheet.

It’s 5pm and aside from a quick break when I left the house to buy a new mouse because I could feel some kind of RSI coming on, I’ve been in the master shoebox list allocating names and double checking that there weren’t any kids missed, since 5am. I won’t tell you how much I spent on the mouse because it’s actually ridiculous, but you can’t put a price on wrist health right?

Column and row fatigue aside, every school I crossed off the list as checked, double checked, and then categorised as sweet definitely came with a feeling of accomplishment.


Not long to go now team, I’ve got a beautiful little 2 year to feed, bathe and put to bed for the next few hours then I’ll get back into it and I think I’ll be able to get this next batch out tomorrow morning. Then we’ll have 90% of the kids details out with their allocated Shoeboxxer. I’m just waiting on two more schools to send their lists in, once they do I’ll allocate those, email them out, and we’ll be full swing into shopping mode!

Talk soon,






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