All companies (and most people whether they know it or not), are in marketing. Whether it’s paid advertising, word of mouth, or letting your product, work, skills, cause or art speak for itself. You’ve gotta let people know what you’ve got if you think it’s worth them buying, using, contributing to, or enjoying. I’m stoked to work for a company that acts on the social responsibility they have as a corporate and says, ‘we can do do something good while we’re marketing this thing, so we should. Let’s do it‘.


A few weeks back BNZ started promoting Android Pay (paying using your phone like a PayWave card). One of the ways they did this was loading phones with $150 for people like me to spend on Christmas presents for kids in need. BNZ worked with Salvation Army to distribute the presents and make sure they get to where they need to be, focusing on kiwi kids who – through no fault of their own – don’t get the choice Christmas they deserve.


Yes it was promoting Android Pay, yes it was marketing, but it also helped give Christmas smiles to a bunch of kids that wouldn’t have had them otherwise, and probably couldn’t care less about a bank. Lots of companies don’t act on that responsibility. Good work BNZ.




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