Kia ora team – it’s August update time!

How are we doing so far?

Good! We’ve got 1700 people signed up with kids allocated, and some of the shopping has already started 😃
  • Schools taking part: 29
  • Kids already allocated: 1700
  • People signed up waiting to be allocated: 821
I’ve got about 200 kids to allocate over the weekend. You’ll get an email if I allocate one of them to you 🙂
I haven’t closed off registrations yet because I’m still waiting on lists from a few schools. I’m also waiting on some follow-up calls/emails to be returned from some other schools to let me know if they want to take part – I’ve given these schools a cutoff date of next weekend, if I don’t hear back by then, I’ll assume they’re not interested. Having a Kindy teacher for a mum, I know it’s a busy job! But I also need to finish the uploading so I can focus on the next phase (drop-offs and pick-ups).
If you’ve signed up and haven’t received details of a kid, I’ll be allocating all the kids across the next two weeks. But remember, some of you will probably end up missing out (sorry!) I’ll send you an email if that’s the case – it happens every year, we have more people that want to help than kids across all of the schools we’re working with – it’s the best possible problem to have, so I’m only sort of sorry. The challenge for me is finding a good charity to point people that miss out towards.
Can you help? If you know of any really good alternatives for the people who miss out this year, where their help will make as much of a difference as it does in the Shoebox project, please comment at the bottom of this update, or on the Facebook post. I’d like it to be something we talk about as a team, ideally with people who have experience donating to the charity – I’m always wary of telling people about places to donate to, when I don’t personally know how effective they are or where the money goes, etc.
Shoebox Christmas Trust
Shoebox Christmas is now a registered trust. There’s a few bits and pieces I still need to finish the process and make it a charity, but most of it’s done. If you want to donate to help with the running costs, there’s an ongoing Givealittle page here
Across the country we’ve had a few more shoebox stackers set up projects in their own towns to bring the same goodness you guys do in Wellington to other schools across the country. You should be really proud that as a collective, your voice and your set of hands make the Wellington Shoebox Christmas team something that can inspire other people to do the same.
If you know anyone in these towns then please share the pages with them and let them know how good it is to be involved.
East Coast (Page coming soon)
Hastings (Page coming soon)
Drop off points:
The good folks at Hipsta Waikanae are now a drop off point for those of you lucky enough to live in Otaki/Waiakane.
Drop off dates:
I’m confirming dates with the kind folks at BNZ, Hipsta and Mitre 10 Mega next week – I need to make sure they’re happy for the presents to start piling up earlier than they did last year. Once I’ve heard back, I’ll send an email out letting you know when you can start dropping off those shoeboxes and smiles 🙂
Other than that, it’s been comparatively quiet on the western front – I’ve been pretty full on with the Kickstarter project for my book and learning the ropes in a new job. Having said that, if you’ve sent me an email and I haven’t got back to you, I will! I’ve missed my scheduled Shoebox slots this week and last – but if it’s urgent, drop me a message on Facebook here.
Talk soon!



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  • Natalie

    Another option to point people towards if you don’t already know about it is Operation Christmas Child organised by Samaritans Purse (be sure to check out the Australia/NZ website not other countries). Very similar concept but boxes are shipped overseas.


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