Only four weeks left!


Only four weeks left!

Kia ora team, 
I hope you all made the most of the long weekend and remembered the sunscreen! ...and then the rain jacket today #wellington

Man, the year is speeding by quick (EDIT: there were multiple speedy santa jokes in there, none of them were funny).
Just under four weeks left to get your Christmas Shoebox ready, wrapped, and taken to one of the drop off points Remember 20th November is the deadline, but the earlier you can drop it off, the better for our sorting elves.

If you’re getting this email it means I’ve sent you the details for at least one cool little kid to buy for. Some of you have started shopping, some have sent pics and some have even dropped their presents off.

There’s also 263 people in the team that haven’t opened the email with their details yet, are you one of them?

I know some just won’t have got around to it yet and will have a shopping expedition planned soon, but some might have actually missed the email. Either way please search your inbox for Shoebox Christmas and open the message to check you’ve got everything you need. Let me know if you still can’t find the email, so I can hunt through goodies pile and find the details for you. Remember, if you’re using Gmail it might be in your Promotions folder.


A couple of Shoeboxing reminders;

  1. When you’re wrapping your present please make sure it goes into a box first. It doesn’t have to be a shoebox, but it does need to protect it. The shoebox stacking gang have already come across a few that aren’t in boxes and have torn wrapping paper. Remember the presents are going to be picked up, unloaded, stacked, packed, then delivered - that's a lot of moves and it needs to be protected.
  2. Remember to include all the details I mentioned in that first email, name, school and ID number. Some have just included the name, which means I need to hunt through and find out which school they go to.

A few of you had signed up for more kids than I could allocate to you at the time, I’m hoping the last school’s list will have enough there to firstly get a name out to the people that confirmed their sign up late, once they’ve had a kid’s details allocated I will send you another after that (if there are enough). I can’t guarantee it though, so please don’t wait for me, there's shopping and wrapping to be done!

If you don’t follow the Facebook page yet please do so below. As well as the inspiring examples of presents that the team are posting there will be others asking for advice on presents for age groups, and I post updates there too - some important, some not, but it’s a good way to keep everyone up to date without needing to send emails to everyone about everything.

Wellington Shoebox Christmas Facebook page



You might have seen that last week the team at DHL came and picked up the first lot of presents from BNZ Harbour Quays. It was a (relatively) small pile, but seeing us move into the pick up phase was very cool - it means some of our presents are already ready to land in the hands of an awesome little kid from down the road. We’re getting close to the really fun part!

I've loved seeing the support from the folks at big companies like DHL, BNZ and Mitre 10 Mega. These aren’t sponsorships or corporate branding exercises designed to get their name out there. They’re just what happens when ordinary good people, with the resources of big companies behind them, say yes and lend a hand. I'm a big believer in social responsibility and corporate social responsibility, but the second one only works when organisations like these hire the kind of people that believe in making a difference and offer those resources, just because they can. 

Thanks for being awesome team.
Talk soon

PS we've raised $4300 for the Stationery Starter Packs project, which finishes at the end of this month. I think we can get to $4500, but only if everyone helps out! Click the button below to donate or learn more.

Stationery Starter Packs

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