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Shoebox Christmas delivers Christmas presents, wrapped in a shoebox, to kids who could do with an extra smile on Christmas Day. We do this by working alongside low decile schools, pre-schools, Women's Refuge, and community organisations.  

Step one.

Sign up and we'll tell you who to buy for, their age, interests and school. (We won't tell you their name, sorry!)



Step two.

You buy a great present that your kid will love, ideally something that can fit in a  shoebox, and wrap it up with love.

Step three.

You drop their present off their school, or post it, or arrange a Sunday pick up from your local sled driver. Easy as that!

How it works


Meet the team

Kia ora guys, we are 0.49% of the team. It's just us here at the moment but we can probably answer any questions you've got. The Shoebox Christmas project relies on your trust and goodwill in me and the project - so here we are. Feel free to add us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to keep in touch.

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