Volunteer Sled Drivers

Can't make it to your school within school hours? Firstly, are you aaaaabsolutely sure? Is there anybody you can ask to drop it off for you?

If not, click your pick up location from the list below, or an area you can drop your present off to.

Then comment on the Facebook Page (here), tagging the sled drivers from your area like this: @TheirName - the comment should read like this:

Hey @TheirName I need a sled! My present is in *Your suburb* and I need to get it to *School's suburb*

(Replace @TheirName with the names of your closest Sled Drivers, your own suburb, and the school's suburb).

A volunteer sled driver will then message you and try to arrange a time and place to pick up or for you to drop off to, they will then get the present to the school.

NOTE: I won't put names here until I've met the volunteer personally and am happy to vouch for them.

NOTEx2: If you would like to sign up to be a sled driver, please comment on the page below and I'll be in touch.



2 thoughts to “Sunday Sled Driver details

  • Prue Rowe

    I would like to choose a school either Moera or Taita
    I would like to make a girls dress for a 5 year old
    Please advise if this would be suitable gift for a 5 Year old girl at ,Moera school,
    Lower Hutt

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